Text: Job 36:26-33

“How great is God, beyond our understanding! The number of his years is past finding out. “He draws up the drops of water, which distill as rain to the streams; the clouds pour down their moisture and abundant showers fall on mankind. Who can understand how he spreads out the clouds, how he thunders from his pavilion? See how he scatters his lightning about him, bathing the depths of the sea. This is the way he governs the nations and provides food in abundance. He fills his hands with lightning and commands it to strike its mark. His thunder announces the coming storm; even the cattle make known its approach”.

A song composer says “How great is our God, Sing with me how great is our God, oh we sing how great, how great is our God”.

Take a deep breath and think about God’s personality and the beautiful works of His hands. Imagine his work in the creation of the heavens and the earth.

His greatness has no comparison. His ways are not our ways, and neither are His thoughts ours. He does whatever pleases Him without anyone questioning Him.

He looks at us (man) and gave us His breath. He shows mercy on whomever He pleases. He gave rain to both the good and evil. He oversees the affairs of the earth.

He alone knows the heart of every man. He feeds the birds in the air. He clothes the lilies, He shut in the sea with doors when it burst forth. He works in mysterious ways.

If you don’t have any reasons to praise God, His Supremacy is enough to praise Him. For who is like unto the Lord? Among the gods, who is like Him? Glorious in Holiness, fearful in praises, and doing wonders.

Conclusion: Reverence the Lord daily, not just for what He has done, but for who He is.

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