Text: Genesis 18:16-33, Genesis 19:1-17, Genesis 14:12-16.

Let’s take Abraham’s relationship with God for instance. God referred to Abraham as his friend (Genesis 18:17) and because of this level of closeness Abraham had with God, he was able to intercede for a city that was doomed to be destroyed because the level of their sins was so great that God couldn’t overlook.

Yes, Abraham knew Sodom was a sinful city but he still pleaded that God should save the city if He finds even a few righteous people in the city. Abraham knew Lot and his family were in the city and that Lot was an upright man. Through Abraham’s relationship with God, Lot and his family were saved from destruction (Genesis 19:1-6).

Sometimes, just our level of relationship with God doesn’t hinder certain things from happening to us, maybe through our negligence or being at the wrong place for whatsoever reason, or by our wrongdoings. But our associates (relationship) with certain people can serve as our safety net. You can call it ”Grace by Association”

So it is also in our physical endeavors. We might have all the skills and even some influence but we might find ourselves in a difficult situation. The truth remains that the more we grow, the greater the influence we have will determine how far we can go.

Our level of influence or relevance physically or spiritually might not cut it sometimes. At every height we attain, at every step of our journey, we need a higher level of grace and influence in our lives. So the question now is who do you have at your corner?

Creating this kind of relationship that serves as a shield or ladder to the next level might be dependent on your relevance (usefulness, value) in the lives of these people of either higher physical or spiritual status

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