Parts Of One Body Christ Pt. 2

Text: 1 Corinthians 12:17-20 TPT

Yesterday, we established that God wants everyone to be a minister. Today we emphasize who a minister is.

Who is a minister?

A minister is a person through which something or a purpose is accomplished. In essence, a minister is a vessel through which God expresses Himself and uses to advance his kingdom. 1 Corinthians 12:20 makes us understand that diversity is required, for the body to function properly and so it is in the kingdom. The body of Christ is the church and every one of us is part of that body (Ephesians 1:23.

For the body to function properly, we all can’t be the head or the hand or the eyes. We all represent different parts and that means we have our own unique skill sets and functions we must follow to enable the body to accomplish its purpose.

There are many parts put together to ensure that the kingdom of God advances every day. For instance, that burden bearer making intercession for the church, that tailor who sews the pastor’s cloth so the pastor can look good to preach, that driver that drives people to church to and fro, that fellowship music coordinator, that usher that stands for hours and usher people to a seat with a smile,  that person that finances a kingdom project….

Every one of them is playing his or her part to ensure that the entire body of Christ (The church) fulfills its purpose and function as it is supposed to function.

In essence, God finds expression in whatever you do as a part of the body to glorify him and advance his kingdom. You’re God’s minister.

Conclusion: Don’t let anyone deceive you, we are all in the ministry of kingdom advancement. That part you are playing is your office, duty, or function as a minister of God and we are to carry out our duty(ies) or function(s) in our unique god-given way.

God has chosen us as his own (Jeremiah 31:33-34), making us all parts of one big body (the church which is the body of Christ). This one big body can only wax stronger if we all work together as parts of one body of Christ.

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