The Beginning – The Spirit & The Light

Text: Gen 2:7, John 1:1-13

Genesis 2:7 reveals how man was created by the direct contribution of the Light and the Spirit. The expression “let Us make man in our image” means man is a hybrid nature of the Trinity. As said yesterday God, the word, and the Spirit were the persons involved in creation.

So when God said let Us, he was referring to the Word and the Holy Spirit.
The man was not just created, man was made! In other words, man is a composition of the Trinity. In the beginning, was the word (John 1:1), this confirms the presence of Jesus at creation, and the scripture says in him was life.
This life can be traced back to Genesis when God breathed into the nostrils of the non-living dust and he became a living being. Gen 1:7 Amplified adds the note; that an individual is complete in body and spirit.
The Spirit made man live, and after that, God spoke to man i.e. Jesus, giving him the essence of his existence. Jesus became the reason for having God’s Spirit.

Finally, God himself was what the natural man was wearing. Man is a reflection of God and that makes man also good. This revelation also came to David who wrote in his psalm, “ye are gods and children of the highest.”
John 1:4b says that life was the light of men. The Life in the Word, the Spirit enveloped in Jesus gives light to men, and it shines on in darkness (gloom, sin, deformity, lack of knowledge) this was the strategy that overcame the darkness in Genesis 1:4.

This strategy is still the same that happened when Jesus came to the earth, He came in the flesh, lightened this world of darkness with the knowledge of Him and his Kingdom, then died to descend into Hades to fight the dragon head on, he seized the keys of hell and resurrected the third day and started creating men with a perfect DNA of God.
This he prophesied when he said, “unless a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it abides but alone.” He gave to man that essence again to carry the ordination of the Light, teaching men to let their light shine for they are the light of this world.

After he had completed all the recreation, he gave back the Spirit to as many as are ready to receive him. It fell first on the Apostles at Pentecost with the evidence on tongues and since then, the invasion has not stopped.
Your light will not shine without the Spirit and the Spirit will not come into you unless you first receive the beam of the Light into your soul, eradicating all darkness. Turn to Jesus today dearest friend and let the Holy Spirit breathe life into your mortal body.

If you believe this message, congrats! Your salvation is just a confession away.

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