Text: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Psalm 104: 19

For everything, there is a season. Everyone goes through seasons at different times. Take a look at your life and observe, what season are you in right now? You have to recognize each season to know how well to live fully in Christ so you don’t get carried away.

There are 6 seasons you should have an understanding of, the dry season, waiting season, busy season, test, trials and temptation season, the season of spiritual warfare, and happy season. In the previous part of this newsletter, I talked about the dry season, waiting season, and busy season. The rest goes thus;

Test, trials, and temptation season: The story of Job is a good example. In this season a lot of hurdles, trials, and tribulations may come your way. Most times it could be God testing your faith, sometime it could be the devil harassing you. Whichever way, let God be God.

Fix your eyes on the lord, not the trial. Pray more and be very sensitive to the spirit, so as not to bind God thinking it’s the devil tempting you, and also to not let the devil keep tormenting you thinking it is God testing you.

Season of spiritual warfare: In this season you are spiritually attacked by the devil and his agents, they are unhappy with your life as you serve God. As a true Christian, you will go through this season as the kingdom of darkness will look for ways to prosecute you, fight you, and stop you from doing the will of God.

This is the season to grid up, wear the full armor of the lord and be very prayerful, for the bible says, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

They are shooting arrows day and night. So don’t be calm or casual about it. Be a warrior, pray in the spirit and ask the Lord to help you fight the battle for victory will be sure.

Happy season: The sky is blue, the grasses are green, the flowers are so beautiful, the air is warm on your skin, life seems comfortable, no serious problems. It is a nice and fun season. If you are here, be happy, Praise the lord for it. Never stop thanking Him. This is the season that should be continuous for believers.

Regardless, seasons change from time to time, and they cannot be the same forever. There may be trials and tribulations, or times of warfare, but always know that your happy season is sure.

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