Text: Mark 16:15 NKJV

“Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”

I have a burning sensation in me as I write to you today. I want to begin by asking you this question, WHAT EXACTLY IS YOUR PURPOSE AND CALLING?

Allow me to clear this misconception that when we hear calling, some exclude themselves saying “after all, I am not becoming a pastor or any of the fivefold ministers.”

But don’t get all excited yet, there is a balance there, God calls all believers to manifest the fivefold ministries in their major purpose. This isn’t about theologies and Bible schools.

For example, you may be called into governance and politics, it is a calling as relevant as that of a pastor because God called you into that purpose, if you will follow the blueprint of God for your life, you would see that you are also a Pastor who is a shepherd as a president of a nation. Now you’re not a religious pastor but a political pastor.

Therefore, we all have our various callings and there is pressure on believers to invade the cosmos, to go into all the world and proclaim Jesus right there. At this point, I shall share with you the 7 mountains of influence that we as believers are expected to invade and conquer. They are:

    1. Religion
    2. Arts and entertainment
    3. Business and Finance
    4. Governance and politics
    5. Education
    6. Media
    7. Family

These seven spheres must be conquered if we don’t want Christianity to be strangled. Spending our whole time and life in the church and leaving the real work of forming and reformation that affects and shapes the ideology of the people is a mistake we have to wake up from NOW!

Satan keeps having his way by making his agents make the major decisions while we are there complaining about what doesn’t favor us when God expects us to be there as the key decision-makers deciding the destinies of nations after the order of the heavens.

You can be an apostolic lecturer at a federal university affecting the changes that could have not been possible for your church pastor to do because he isn’t in the system.

You can be a prophetic rapper that rhythmically communicates the life of Christ that your prophet in the church couldn’t have done.

There is the calling of responsibility upon your life and God is particular about you, you must know and begin to prepare to conquer mountains for Christ. Let he who has ears hear.

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