Text: Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, Psalm 104: 19

For everything, there is a season. Everyone goes through seasons at different times. Take a look at your life and observe, what season are you in right now? You have to recognize each season to know how well to live fully in Christ so you don’t get carried away.

There are 6 seasons you should have an understanding of, the dry season, waiting season, busy season, test (trials, temptation) season, season of spiritual warfare, and happy season.

Dry season: It is a time when everything in your life seems dry and empty. Even your relationship with God seems dry, you don’t hear Him speak like you used to, and you don’t sense His presence. And you feel deserted. If this is where you are currently, I understand how you feel, and it’s certainly not a good place.

But don’t give up on your faith, keep trusting in God, and keep worshiping Him. He sees all you do. It may seem as if it was your fault maybe due to sin or you don’t just know what happened.

Well, this is a good time to grow your prayer life. Read devotionals, give praises to God, Rain is coming soon.

Waiting season: It’s the time in a Christian life when you are waiting on God for something. In this case, You might have gotten a word or prophesy and it’s seeming as if God isn’t keeping to His word and it’s not forthcoming.

If you are here, Isaiah 40: 31 is for you. Don’t fret about it, refrain from anger and wrath, keep trusting Him, and put your hope in him. Remember the story of Abraham and Sarah with the promise of a child from God, it seemed impossible, but God kept His promise.

Wait patiently on the lord and if you are genuine in your waiting, I assure you that your happy season is close.

Busy season: In this season you seem so occupied with a lot, you are so busy and stressed out, it’s either work, family, friends, appointments, or your time with God. If you are in this season, cast your burden on the lord, and let the holy spirit guide you.

The devil can sometimes make the season like hell for you to affect your relationship with God. But don’t give him that chance, instead tell it to God, rely on the Holy Spirit, do what you can, and don’t get angry about it. Breathe, pray, smile more and tell yourself it will be well.

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