Gen 1:1-5

In the beginning…stop!
Dr. Myles Munroe said in his series on understanding your potential, that he could assume that there was Genesis 1:0 which will be written thus, “before the beginning was God.”
Before time began, God already existed together with the Light and with His Spirit.
“…God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was formless and empty.” See that the scripture said the earth. This means that at the time when the earth was crude, the heavens were perfect. Interesting!
However, God created both together, something must have happened that introduced gloom, emptiness, and formlessness to one of God’s first set of creations.
When there was to be a reorganization, we saw first the manifestation of the Spirit of God over the dark world which was only waters (the deep). The Spirit of God was hovering over the waters trying to find the solution to the crudeness and to lay a foundation for the next line of action from the creator.

Suddenly, a voice declared, “let there be Light and there was Light.” Jesus manifested!
The light here was not the sun and moon and stars because later in the history of creation those were categorically created (Genesis 1:14.)
Jesus, He was that light spoken of here. So in the beginning, Jesus was introduced into the disturbed earth as the Light and the moment light appeared, the darkness vanished (this refers to Satan and his cohorts).
The scripture made us understand that he (Satan) with one-third of the angels were cast down into the earth (Revelation12:7-9) since then, darkness covered the face of the earth and the answer to darkness is light, therefore Jesus had to manifest as the Light.

The early verses of Genesis chapter one were an interplay of supremacy. You have to understand this so that you can know how the foundations of the earth were laid far beyond tales that were told or read. As we examine this series, may the Light of God come into you with enormous illumination.


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